Prepare the Materials

MarkOn Paint kit, paint roller, duster, paper tape, stirring stick, paint tray, and gloves.


Make Sure the Surface is Clear

Make sure the area is clean, smooth, no mold, and not a damp wall. If wall has bumps: fix it by sanding. If wall has mold: do a nice water proofing, then apply primer paint.

Step 1

Keep the Sorround Clean and Do Masking Tape

Covered surrounds area with plastic or newspaper then paper tape around the edge of the surface.

Step 2

Pour MarkOn Paint

Pour the "Satu" can into the "Dua" can. If you intend to skimp because the area is smaller than it requires, you can pour only half of the each can. Then, stir it with stick and pour the well-stirred paint into the paint tray.

Step 3

Your wall is ready to be applied by MarkOn Paint

Start the painting by using brush at all the edges and all difficult areas. Paint the rest with paint roller, do it part by part and apply it consistenly. Make sure all the surface well coated and glossy. Wait 6 days until the paint is completely dry.

Step 4
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