MarkOn Paint 4 SQM

This is a best solution for you to have productivity and a great aesthetic at the same time! MarkOn Paint is a DIY friendly transparent dry erase paint to make a stylish whiteboard. This non-sticky solution itself is designed for anyone to paint, even an amateur in painting, because it doesn’t require much strength to apply. Apply one coat of MarkOn Paint on your current wall, then it becomes whiteboard. Does it always need to be on the wall? Good news for you, you can apply it anywhere as long as the surface is smooth! Since it’s transparent, the color of whiteboard will follow your base surface. Experience our high performance clear MarkOn Paint for your stylish space!
MarkOn Paint requires only one coat. It’s DIY friendly!

This is a modern solution for your whiteboard.
It has 6 days cure time after application.
5 years durability.

BUY one MarkOn Paint 4 sqm GET tote bag for free!

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 0.18 x 0.12 x 0.2 m
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